Results of your experiments, summarized and visualized!

  1. Best Experiments

    This table shows top 5 experiments.

  2. Results Visualization

    An interactive graph that lets you understand trends in your data. You can use the dropdowns to customize the graph.

    X-axis: parameter to plot along the x-axis of the plot.

    Y-axis: parameter to plot along the y-axis of the plot.

    Color by: if you select a parameter, the individual points will be colored based on the value of this parameter. In the example screenshot above, all reactions that were carried out in the same solvent share a single color.

    Fit: you can interpolate your data to see the trends better, choices include “Mean”, “Linear”, “Quadratic” and “Smooth (Gaussian)”. Interpolation works only if both parameters on x-axis and y-axis are numeric (not categorical).

  3. Model Predictions
    You can visualise predictions of the model and its confidence in these predictions.
    _images/Figure_5.png _images/Figure_6.png